Supplies technical solutions for law enforcement, military, government, and select clients.

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About us

TETERS, Ltd. is a developer, producer and supplier of military and dual-use products for law enforcement, military and government agencies in Latvia. We are known for our superior products, comprehensive training and excellent customer service.
– MoD military manufacturing licence No. 2;
– MoD Licence No. 51 (common military list of the EU ML3,ML4,ML5, ML6, ML8,ML9-ML22).

Due to the critical missions of our customers, we have chosen not to place our product information on our website. Please use the contact section of our site to request more information

You can view our Privacy Policy here: https://teters.lv/privacy-policy/

SIA „Teters”
Reģ.Nr. 41203036980
Raiņa iela 88, Talsi, Talsu novads, LV-3201
Luminor Bank

06.09.2019 Teters signed contract on receiving support for companies Nr. SKV-L-2019-114 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

In the framework of this contract Teters, SIA has applied for LIAA programm Promotion of international competitiveness (business), activity Conformity assessment of factories and products.