Teters and Lightspace launch a donation campaign to support Ukraine

The aim of the project is to support Ukraine with more advanced technology solutions and deliver remotely controlled Weapon Systems (RWS) for those who fight at the frontline against unprecedented aggression.

We have chosen Lightspace, a breakthrough AR technology provider, to be the remote scenario enabler. Lightspace is a manufacturer of Augmented Reality headsets intended for use in any scenario that requires remote assistance. Their headsets will be used to reconstruct virtual objects up to the smallest detail, which is crucial for detecting the target position.

The project aims to deliver 50 units of Augmented Reality headset-assisted Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) allowing Ukrainian forces to act with a higher capacity, enhanced survivability, and reduced risks due to separating fire application points from personnel positions.

The augmented reality enhanced remote weapon station allows soldiers to be within a distance of up to 10km from the system, depending on tactical requirements, thus not exposing them to high-risk environments.

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You can also support our campaign by donating via Paypal account. If you represent a charity or campaign that would be willing to support our initiative, please reach out to us.